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Landing pipes

The planting pipe (planting pipe) is used when planting seedlings with closed root system grown in 64F, 64FD, 81F, 81SS (inner diameter of the pipe 63 mm) and 35F (inner diameter of the pipe 75 mm) cassettes. The worker does not need to bend down when planting, resulting in increased planting speed and labor productivity.


    Technical data:

  • tube is made of thin-walled, solid drawn steel tube;
  • sturdy and reliable construction;
  • pipe weight: 55 mm - 3.2 kg; 63 mm - 3.36 kg; 75 mm - 3.8 kg;

  • two handles, one removable;
  • stop for deepening;
  • pedal for opening the lower part of the pipe.
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Set of baskets for carrying seedlings

  Seedling baskets are used for carrying seedlings with a closed root system to the planting site. The basket is made of durable plastic and is shaped to carry the load close to the body.


    Technical data:

  • material of the basket - impact-resistant plastic;
  • size: length - 59 cm, width - 30 cm, height - 20 cm;
  • straps: made of nylon, with basket holders and belt fastening.
  • number of seedlings to be loaded into 1 basket: for 35F cassettes - approx. 34 pcs, for 64F cassettes - approx. 42 pcs.