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Device for clearing logging areas ZPI (forest rake)

   The device is designed for quick removal of branches from the surface after clear-cutting and formation of tree and shrub mass from them. The collected wood waste can be transported or shredded on site, and the cleared area can be further processed to accelerate reforestation.

    The design features of the device and specially selected kinematics of movement of working elements (tines) allows raking branches without damaging the topsoil and freely overcoming obstacles in the form of stumps up to 230 mm high.

    Installation of the device on a skidder tractor allows for quick cleaning of the surface for subsequent soil cultivation, as well as to increase the efficiency of tractor operation.

   Frontal installation on a tractor with hydraulic linkage (option) is possible.


    FZPI (forest rake)

  • Width - 2310 mm
  • Height - 1800 mm
  • Length - 1200 mm
  • Weight - 700 kg
  • Number of tines - 5 pcs.
  • Distance between tines - 550 mm (protective shields) 
  • Height of overcoming obstacles (during work) - up to 230 mm
  • Mounting method - 3-point tractor hitch, front (optional)